Farm King Snowblowers
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2018 84" Snow Blower For sale

Models 500-840

Through the years the design has been refined to create an excellent snowblower that is easy to use and maintain. PTO-driven Farm King compact snowblowers attach to 3-point hitch and are available in widths ranging from 50" to 84".

The Farm King snowblower features a hand crank or hydraulic spout rotator on models 500, 600 and 660. A hydraulic cylinder is standard on the spout rotation on models 740 and 840.

Models 960-1200
Designed to be durable and rugged, Farm King Snowblowers offer excellent value in a snowblower that will stand the test of time. These heavy-duty snowblowers are available in widths ranging from 96" to 120".

The Farm King snowblower utilizes a powerful hydraulic motor to control the spout rotation. Using a motor to control rotation increases the blower’s responsiveness and gives the operator a greater range of control over the placement of the snow. Standard on all heavy-duty models, a hand crank optional is available on model 960.